Notice and announcement


Notice and announcement

Xiamen Technician College, a public institution under the Xiamen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Recruitment of Full-time Teachers (October 2023)

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Published by: Xiamen Technician College

  Xiamen Technician College was founded in 1961, under the Xiamen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, is the only national key public technical college in Xiamen。The college covers an area of 615 acres,Distinctive engineering features,There are 7 professional departments and 36 majors in the Department of Machinery, Vehicle, Electrical, electronic optoelectronics, architecture, information technology and Cultural Creativity, and Cultural Foundation,Currently, there are 9,351 students,Is a set of vocational and technical education, technician training, professional qualification as one,Fujian Province has the strongest comprehensive strength and has a certain influence in the country's technical colleges。
  Over the years,The college adheres to the school motto of "Honesty, diligence and perseverance",Take on the mission of "skills become talents, skills rejuvenate the state",The goal is to become the cradle of national first-class skilled talents,Establish "industry-oriented enterprise needs.,The main line is the integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation,Student-centered "school philosophy,Implement the "Five major Projects" for training skilled personnel。Since the founding of the school,It has trained more than 100,000 middle and senior technical talents for the society,The employment rate of graduates has remained above 98% for a long time,It has been awarded the honorary titles of National high-skilled personnel Training Base, National Advanced Unit of Vocational education, National Demonstration site of employee education and training, National outstanding vocational college for school-enterprise cooperation and personnel training in the machinery industry, and Fujian Civilized Campus。

  In order to further promote the high-quality development of the college, Xiamen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau decided to organize the affiliated public institution Xiamen Technician College to recruit full-time teachers for examination。This recruitment shall be conducted in accordance with the employment system of public institutions in the form of compilation。The Memorandum is hereby published as follows:
  First, recruitment platform
  Registration for this exam will be conducted online. Applicants are kindly requested to log on to Xiamen Public Institutions Recruitment Examination Management System (hereinafter referred to as the "registration system") at for registration。
  2. Recruitment positions
  For job information, please log in to the "Registration System" directly。
  Please check the specific job requirements when applying。
  3. Application Instructions
  Xiamen Technician College, a public institution under the Xiamen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Recruitment of full-time teachers Application Instructions (October 2023) (Annex 1, hereinafter referred to as "Application Instructions") is a part of the handbook, please read and abide by it carefully。
  4. Time arrangement
  (1) Online registration
   October 13, 2023, 10:00 - October 26, 17:00
  Please log in the "Registration system" to fill in (modify and improve) your personal information truthfully and accurately, and submit your recent headless 2-inch color digital ID photo (jpg format, size less than 200K) according to the system requirements.。
  (2) Inquire the result of the preliminary examination of registration qualification
   October 13, 2023 10:00 - October 27, 15:00
  (3) Appeal
  October 13, 2023 10:00 - October 27, 17:00
  If there is any objection to the results of the preliminary qualification examination, you must file a complaint through the "registration system" within the above time, and the deadline will not be accepted。
  (4) Print the admission ticket
  From 10:00 on November 01, 2023, please log in the "Registration System" to print online。
  (5) Time of written examination
  Originally scheduled for November 04, 2023 (Saturday) 9:00 am - 11:00 am
   The specific time and requirements can be found in the admission ticket and subsequent online notice
   Special reminder:
  1.All of the above deadlines are set by the program and will be automatically closed when the time is up。
  2.There is no registration fee for this exam。
  3.For the schedule of this recruitment, please refer to the Notice board of Xiamen Technician College official website (website: http://www) "notice shall prevail。
  5. Examination methods
   Take a combination of written tests and interviews。All positions require a written test。
  (1) Written examination
   1.The written test is conducted in a closed-book way, the paper is 100 points, the exam lasts for 2 hours, and the content is the knowledge and professional quality of the position。The specific time and place are subject to the admission ticket。Please fill in the admission ticket number correctly during the written test, otherwise it will be counted as "0"。
   2.Additional points, additional points and required supporting materials in accordance with the requirements for additional points in the written test are detailed in the Application Instructions.。
   3.Written test score = Written test paper score + extra points。The written test score is 60 points。
   (2) Qualification review
  From the written test results reached the qualified line of applicants, according to the ratio of 1:3 of the number of posts to be employed, from high to low scores to determine the qualification review candidates。If the number of people who pass the written test fails to reach the prescribed proportion, it shall be determined by the actual number of people who pass the written test。
   The qualification review is the responsibility of the recruitment unit and its competent department。The specific time, place and materials to be submitted for qualification review will be announced separately on the "Notice Board of Xiamen Technician College Official Website"。The qualification review of unexcused absence is deemed to be an automatic waiver of the interview qualification。
   (3) Interview
   Candidates for interview shall be those who have passed the qualification review。
   The interview score is 100 points, and the qualification line is 60 points。If the actual number of interviewees (subject to the actual reference number on the day of the interview) is equal to or less than the number of intended employees, the applicant's interview score should reach 70 points (inclusive) or more before entering the physical examination。
  The interview consists of two parts: fragment teaching and defense, and is conducted in groups according to subject categories。
  1. Fragment teaching
  Fragment teaching mainly examines the applicant's professional knowledge, education and teaching level, comprehensive quality and ability, appearance and behavior。The preparation time for the segment teaching is 30 minutes, and the teaching time is 15 minutes, which is scored by the judges on the spot。The full score of segment teaching is 100 points, the qualification line is 60 points, and 70% is included in the interview score。
   The defense mainly examines the applicant's professional level and comprehensive literacy, and the time is 10 minutes, including preparation time。2 questions will be answered by the judges and scored on the spot。The full score of the defense is 100 points, the qualification line is 60 points, and 30% is included in the interview score。
   (4) Overall score
   Written test, interview (fragment teaching, defense) pass line is 60 points。The comprehensive total score is 100 points, and the specific calculation formula is as follows:
   Overall score = written test score *40%+ interview score *60%。
  The written test score, interview score and overall score are rounded to 2 decimal places (decimal places can be increased if necessary).。For those with the same overall score, the ranking is further determined in the following order:
  (a) According to the interview results from high to low;
  (b) if the interview results are the same, according to the written test results;
  (3) If the written test score is still the same, in line with the national, Fujian or Xiamen documents stipulated priority objects, priority to enter the physical examination link。If there is no priority, the interview organization department will re-organize the interview, and those with higher scores will enter the physical examination。
  6. Physical examination and investigation
   From the candidates who pass the written test, interview results and comprehensive total score, according to the ranking order of comprehensive total score, the candidates for physical examination are determined from high score to low score according to the ratio of 1:1 of the number of posts to be recruited。
   Those who passed the physical examination were listed as the objects of investigation。
   The physical examination and inspection shall be the responsibility of the recruitment unit and its competent department。
  Vii. Publicity
   According to the job requirements and the results of the examination, physical examination and investigation, the list of proposed employees will be determined, and the proposed candidates will be publicized on the website of Xiamen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the website of Xiamen Technician College for 7 working days。
  Eight, replacement
   In the qualification review process, candidates who give up or are disqualified from the interview, resulting in the number of participants not reaching the specified proportion, can be made up from the high score to the low score from the applicants who apply for the position and reach the qualified line within the specified time limit。
   After the interview and before the examination and approval procedures for the recruitment of the recruiter, due to the failure of the physical examination or inspection, or the applicant gives up the qualification, the competent department will study together with the recruitment unit to decide whether to replace the applicant。
  If the examination and approval procedures have been completed for the recruitment of this recruitment, the vacancy arising from the circumstances such as the abandonment or cancellation of the recruitment qualification of the proposed recruitment will not be replaced。
  9. Employment procedures
  No objection to the publication of the results,Or it is verified by the recruitment unit jointly with the competent department that the employment is not affected,The proposed employee shall provide the materials required for the employment procedures (including personal personnel files) within 3 months after the expiration of the publicity period.,Due to special circumstances, it is impossible to provide complete information within the above time limit,The time limit for submission of materials may be extended appropriately after consultation with the employer and its competent department and written commitment (the extension time limit shall not exceed 2 months in principle).,Failure to do so will be deemed as a waiver of employment。
  10. Other matters
  (A) Applicants should apply for the examination in good faith, where there is fraud or violations of discipline and regulations, once verified, disqualified from the examination (employment) and dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions。If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law。
  (2) The whole process of this open recruitment is subject to the supervision of the discipline inspection and supervision department。
  (3) The contact information left by the applicant in the "registration system" shall be accurate and unblocked。
  (4) Regarding the content of the announcement, recruitment policies and other issues, you can consult the recruitment unit during working hours (contact information to check the job information table)。
   Network technical questions, you can consult the website technician during working hours on weekdays (0592-5359692)。
  The information about this exam will be timely released through the "Notice Board of Xiamen Technician College Official website" (website: release, please pay attention to their own attention, no further notice。
  (6) This examination does not specify exam guidance books, nor does it hold or entrust any institution to hold exam guidance training courses。
  (7) The recruitment shall be conducted in accordance with the employment system of public institutions in the form of compilation。The wages and benefits, social insurance, occupational annuity, housing provident fund, housing subsidies, housing monetization subsidies and other aspects of the employed personnel are all managed with reference to the on-staff of public institutions, and implemented in accordance with the same standards for on-staff of public institutions。
  (8) When applying for professional courses, if the teacher cannot obtain the teacher qualification certificate of the corresponding position, I shall provide a written commitment to obtain the teacher qualification certificate of the corresponding position within two years of entry。
  (9) The teacher qualification certificate and technical certificate obtained in Taiwan shall be directly recognized。
  (10) Medical examination, inspection, probation and other provisions, if the state promulgates new standards or methods, according to the new policy implementation。
  This leaflet is only applicable to the public recruitment work of the public institution. Matters not mentioned herein shall be explained by the recruitment unit and its competent department, and a supplementary notice shall be made when necessary。
   附件:1.Xiamen Technician College, a public institution under the Xiamen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Recruitment of full-time teachers (October 2023)
  附件:2.Catalogue of Professional Guidance for Recruitment of Government Organs and Institutions in Fujian Province (2023)

Xiamen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau
October 13, 2023