Notice and announcement


Notice and announcement

Xiamen Technician College Cultural Foundation Department beauty professional internship consumables fixed supplier project secondary procurement results announcement

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Published by: Xiamen Technician College

Xiamen Technician College Logistics Security Department on August 14, 2023, the beauty professional internship consumables designated supplier project organization of the Ministry of Culture Foundation was reviewed, and the procurement results of the project are announced as follows:

1. Bid winning and transaction supplier: Xiamen Meiyanhui Brand Management Co., LTD
        Supply discount rate: 92%

2. Publicity time: one working day from the date of this announcement。

If you have valuable comments and suggestions during the period, please contact Mr. Huang of Logistics Security Office in writing as soon as possible, contact number: 0592-7760153/18650800383。

Xiamen Technician College

August 14, 2023