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Circuit board assembly technicians gathered together to shake "welding" duel!


Shake "welding" duel!

Wonderful performance!



As an important supporting activity of Xiamen Industry Expo,Xiamen 29th staff Technical competition circuit board assembly technician technical competition and the seventh "Quick Cup" national electronic manufacturing industry welding skills competition in Xiamen branch practical operation competitionIt was held on July 29 at Hall A3, Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center。

The event attracted 43 players from the electronics manufacturing industry。It is worth mentioning that this competition was successfully upgraded to Xiamen A class competition, the competition requirements are more rigorous and the atmosphere is more warm。

The competition is organized by Xiamen Technician College and Xiamen Technician Association Surface mounting professional Technical Committee。The professional leaders of the college Chen Yiyi and Ye Ronghua served as the judges of this competition。





This is a stage to show the charm of technology

It is also a platform for mutual exchange

Let's get into the game together

Take a look at the players' technical style!


Opening ceremony


Liu Jifen, secretary general of Electronic Manufacturing Industry Alliance and chief referee of the competition, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony,She says,Xiamen Technicians Association surface mounting professional technical committee as the director unit of Xiamen Electronics Manufacturing Industry alliance,Has been actively involved in league activities,Successfully hosted Xiamen Regional competition for six consecutive years,This year is the seventh!Hope to pass this competition,Further enhance the professional skill level of the players,To promote the high-quality development of Xiamen's electronic manufacturing industry。

Ruan Yicong, chairman and vice president of the Trade union of Xiamen Technician College, said that in order to help the local economic development, our college has bravely borne social responsibility and hosted various skills competitions at national, provincial and municipal levels, and has rich experience in running competitions。This competition has created a more open stage for the workers of Xiamen electronics manufacturing industry to display the charm of skills. I hope the players can carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and fully demonstrate the style of skilled talents with their exquisite skills and noble morality!





In order to ensure the smooth progress of the contest

Help the players to achieve excellent results

Adequate preparation of our hospital

Set up the competition Organizing committee


The organizing committee arranges industry experts

Train the contestants

The technical points and specifications are explained in detail

Let the players know the details of the game

Do "know well" and "cope calmly"


The competition is divided into two parts

One is Theory test 

One is Skill practice 

The theory examination was held in our college last week

Main test player

Basic knowledge of electronics, industry practices,

Mastery of quality inspection standards and other theoretical knowledge

Theory test site

The players were focused and calm

Or work hard, or concentrate on thinking

Demonstrate a solid and professional theoretical foundation


The skills exercise was held at the site of the fair

The main content of skill practice is

Circuit board assembly and debugging

Match site

Players use a welding torch as a pen

Holding tin wire in one hand

Holding a soldering iron in one hand

Do it cleanly

Chip, resistor, LED light


Small parts of different shapes are under their skillful hands

Precisely welded to the circuit board


Circuit board welding test is careful, patience

The competition is precision control

Exercise is professional basic skills

Contestants according to the given components

Within the allotted 70 minutes

Complete parameter selection of components, circuit design,

Component installation, circuit board welding, circuit debugging, etc

Achieve the full function of the test question setting





After a day of skill competition

Judges judge according to functional perfection,

Quality perfection degree, operation standard degree, etc

Have been selected

First, second and third prizes

And the best process award, the best specification award



Skills practical exercise award list

 First prize 

Opu Tiancheng (Xiamen) Technology Co., LTD. Dai Jinshui

 The second prize 

Xiamen Jiuhua communication equipment factory Liu Lu

National Infectious Disease Diagnostic reagents and vaccine Engineering Technology Research Center Xiao Lin

 The third prize 

Xiamen Baigang Electric Co., LTD. Hong Taiping

Xiamen high bit Electronics Co., Ltd. Wenzheng mansion

Xiamen Yingqu Technology Co., LTD. Liao Dongbin

 Best process award 

Opu Tiancheng (Xiamen) Technology Co., LTD. Dai Jinshui

 Best practice award 

National Infectious Disease Diagnostic reagents and vaccine Engineering Technology Research Center Xiao Lin

It is worth mentioning that

The first six winners of the competition

Will represent Xiamen region to participate

The 7th Crack Cup

National electronics manufacturing industry welding skills competition

Look forward to your excellent performance!


Give a thumbs up to the winners


Let's listen to the sounds of the event




Zheng Xiaoliang, director of electronic optoelectronics Department, Xiamen Technician College

The competition presented three highlights,

一是Site upgradingThe previous six competitions were held in the training field of Xiamen Technician College, this year we moved the competition venue to the site of the Expo, held in the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the competition venue has been upgraded。

二是Specification upgradeThis year, the "Quick Cup" competition was included in the 29th employee technical competition, which became A Class A event in Xiamen, and the top 6 winners of the competition will be awarded by the Xiamen Labor Competition Committee。

三是Bonus upgradeThis year's competition has been strongly supported by major sponsors, whether it is the prize money or prizes of the players, there is a very big improvement compared with the previous six years。




Xiamen Baigang Electric Co., Ltd. maintenance technician Hong Taiping

This is my second time to participate in the "Crack Cup" competition, compared with the last time, I think in this competition, the circuit board welding to achieve more powerful functions, more complex operation, the competition is more difficult, more challenging, and more helpful to their ability to improve。The competition gives our staff a stage to show their skills, and also provides an opportunity to hone and improve themselves. In the future, we will make continuous efforts to improve our skills and pursue excellence。


The holding of this welding skills contest

Improve Xiamen electronics manufacturing industry

The welding level of the practitioner

Set an example in the industry

Demonstrate the "craftsman spirit" of excellence

Our hospital will have higher standards in the future

A more rigorous work style

Hold all skills competitions well

Try to create a better atmosphere for the game

Let the contestants from Xiamen

On the national stage

Shine brightly


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