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Two-way "love" to help the successful completion of the recruitment of students!

Good news!Xiamen Technician College 2023 Xiamen City unified recruitment of students (the first batch) admission work on August 5, the perfect end, the quality of students steady progress, continuous improvement!

Hard work has purpose

Another year of good fruit

August 4th - 5th

Xiamen Unified Recruitment of new students (the first batch)

Went to the college to apply for admission

This is the freshmen's first meeting with the college.

They are full of expectation and longing

College teachers and student volunteers

We also give back to new students with warmth and enthusiasm

This two-way "love"

Let the admission work proceed smoothly and orderly

Plan ahead and prepare well

Enrollment work is not only related to the vital interests of the majority of candidates

It also affects all aspects of society

We always adhere to the principles of fairness, justice and openness

Enrollment will be conducted in accordance with the law

To secure admission to the job

Standard, orderly and efficient completion

The Enrollment and Employment Department of our college planned and organized well in advance

Before the admissions process begins

Give it to the admitted freshmen early

Send SMS and mail "Application Notice"

同时Do information check, site layout

Personnel training, technical preparation, etc

Heads of departments, class teachers

It is early to participate in training

Be familiar with all aspects and contents of the admission process

Ensure smooth admission process


Class teachers make full use of "student group" and "parent group"

Answer questions for freshmen in time

Tension and order warm the heart

The admission work is divided into three venues

After entering the school gate

New students and parents at the intimate signage

And under the guidance of student volunteers

Go to the designated venue for formalities

Heads of departments, class teachers

Waiting at the venue early

Their division of labor is clear and they cooperate well

Some carefully guide the freshmen to fill out the materials

Some patiently answer the questions of freshmen

Student volunteers

It is the teacher's "right-hand man"

They held up signs

The first time to run to the freshmen and their parents

Direct them to the designated place for processing

They hand-draw the registration process

Let the freshmen see it at a glance

Improve registration efficiency

They were smiling

Hand out one acceptance letter after another

Share this hard-won joy with new students

Freshman Huang Yuchen

I applied for the photoelectric technology application major, but I am not very familiar with this major。When I went through the admission procedures, I communicated with the teachers, and they patiently answered my questions, which made me full of expectations!

Freshman Zhu Shijie

I am very interested in the major of automobile maintenance, and I am really happy to be admitted this time!In the future study and life, I will be strict with myself, follow the teacher to learn skills, and strive to get good grades!

Congratulations to the new class of 2023!

As of today, you have received

Xiamen Technician College "Admission Ticket"

New footnotes for falling skilled youth

Embark on a new journey of skill development

Autumn September

We shall see each other

Help the skills to become a talent when the make-up is in progress

Skills become talent skills rejuvenate the state

To give full play to the advantages of specialty characteristics

Cultivate more highly skilled personnel

Our college plans to reenroll those who have not been admitted by other institutions

Fresh junior high school graduates

Our college will be based on the actual enrollment situation

Admission on the basis of merit

Degree is limited, application deadline!

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Xiamen Technician College on 2023 recruitment notice

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